Little Updates ..

Raya Cookies ..
Mrs M is generous enough to share some of hers to the WHOLE class. Of course, one each is not much. But it`s the thought that counts - and it`s yummy! (: 
I do have a feeling that she has too much of cookies at home, haha. 

Geography Teach` ..
I know it`s not nice to gossip about people, but I just can`t stand her! She doesn`t give any tips, or help for the upcoming exam  (Not to mention PMR)! SHE DIDN`T EVEN LOOKED AT THE EXAM PAPER! What kind of teacher is that?!

Science ..
I finished studying .. Yeah yeah yeah! :D
And it`s easier than I`d imagine! 
InshaALLAH I`ll do well. 
I had to sit somewhere else cause` back
of the class - NOISY TO THE MAX!
GRR. I`ll show you guys ..

Note ..
I won`t be writing much from now on cause` you know, EXAM. DW I`ll be back after. :) 
Wait for me !

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