Open House. // Cookery.

AHHHHHH! -Let me finish the screaming- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
-OK, done-

Seriously 17.10.09; you`re one *special* day =.=
We went to an open house held by Mum`s long-time-no-see friend. She met her other awesome SEMESTI friends & chat, chat, chat there, too. I`m so happy for her ;D

OH, did I mention? Eventhough Auntie Linda`s house is a terrace, it`s pretty big; panjang ke belakang. Really nice decoration and stuff. Her sink & a lamp at the stairs looked surprisingly similar to ours! Wow! :)

She even has her own INDOOR GARDEN WITH FOUNTAIN && FISHPOND -- Isn`t that the BOMB! We`ve always wanted to have that! I  have even shoot a video of the whole garden & my sibs made funny faces on the leaves. You`ll get to see them soon, oh yes.

AND, she has her own ROOFTOP! Actually it`s behind her house, but she shares it with her neighbours (each house has it own area; but no separations) and there`s like, a few chairs there and you can really see the playground from there. Her house is kinda like atas bukit so.. 

3.00pm. There`s one more place to go --> Dad`s relative marriage ceremony. It was held at a dewan fyi. When we arrived they were cutting the cake, looked so nice. The cake, I mean. Zira pleaded Mum but I replied. ;]

'Jom lah duduk depan.. '

'Nak makan kek la tu. Bukannya dapat pun..'

And she walked off. Haha. Oh, Sue my youngest sis had fever. Get well soon. Amin.
And my feet hurts. Hopefully it`s nothing serious. Got bengkak, something like that.

Before we came home, we stopped at Giant for a while cause some relatives will be visiting. Best part; Zira, my bro & I got to taste a lot of FREE SAMPLES! De-licious! Ice-cream, maggi & mini-doughnuts ;] They took it repetitively some more. Why didn`t I do that ;P


Arriving at home, we eat some mini-doughnuts first & chillaxing. But the relatives come so suddenly. NOOOOOOOOOO~! The house was in a complete mess; it was like a store itself. GRR.

Well I helped Mum preparing dinner -- Tomyam Udang (Fave); Ikan Sweet & Sour; Veggies; & what else? Forgot alreadyy. Aiyoo. This is my first time cutting veggies etc & doing actually pre-cooking tbh.  Shame on me.. 14 already lo. But I`m proud of myself :] I cook the rice & made the orange drinks .

Mum`s IMPORTANT tip to pre-cooking : ACT LIKE YOU`RE ABOUT TO PEE. LOL! That way, we will do the things faster. Haha, kinda logic just to think about it. ;)

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