Ohkay, finished my report on the-day-I-was-absent-from-studying. Nah, actually what happened today ^^
Since there`s hardly anybody in the class; we went to the library, help teachers with some stuff, do some left-over homeworks (yikes!), clean the classroom & stuff like that. It was okay-ish.

Now Mrs M knows I have a blog :O But we agreed to give each other`s at the end of the year .. When I am no longer her student & vice versa. Smart huh? (:

And when I was helping my Science teach`, her words touched me.. But if I told her the sad truth, it would disappoint her. Really. Well, mostly regarding me being smart & rajin & stuff :P She said it NOT me!

When the other students returned from the speech thingie, they received a free reference book, dictionary, inspirational big-posters & not to mention, a certificate -- Just for a meer RM10! Wow 4 in 1! I`m jealous ;) Not to mention all the F-U-N & info!

One so-called smart boy keeps pushing the teacher to go-faster in teaching. It`s during Maths lesson. Teach` was saying everything she had written on the board & this guy keeps saying "She`s damn slow la." "I know I know it`s 312 (fake answer, I know)!" "UGH That`s what I said!" And the whole class could hear him !

It`s kinda funny, but rude at the same  time. Thank God I`m not in the laser category :D
And that`s because I`m slow too. Hehee~

One more thing; I keep mistaken today`s date as 10th of January instead of 1st of October! WEIRD.

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