Review : Femime Plus


"Femime PLUS -- The Best Beauty Product Ever Invented!" recalls one very satisfied user AKA me. Haha, I`m so glad my Mum bought it last week. I`ve only tried it yesterday & loving it, still!

Well basically, it`s a feminine hygiene wash kinda like a body wash; not cream-like. I guess that`s better for me. (:


Formulated with Natural Ingredients
Not Sold in Store; online only ;)
Not only cleanses & refreshes but also care for the intimate wellbeing.
Very nice smell; I like.
Helps to minimize itchiness, irritation & unpleasant odours while providing all day comfort.
Absorbs faaaast.

Cons :
Dunnoe yet.

P.S. There`s no pics cause` I can`t find the product in Google. Let me try to take a pic myself, & lets see if I can upload it and stuff. Bye for now ;)

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