Review : Great TVIQ Shows ;]

I`m currently watching more of TVIQ than other channels -- influenced by my younger sibs. Haha ;D
They`ve got wonderful TV programs and I`d like to share some of my favourites ...
Not in particular order* 

The English Room.
Hosted by teenage celeb Amelia Henderson.In each half and hour episode,
she`ll take us to various exciting locations where we`ll learn the top tips of writing from several important behind-the-scenes journalists. So far, she`s been to The Star Newspaper office && helped writing a report on a Basketball match! How cool! And, Astroview Magazine regarding Halloween! Plus, it offers important tips -- Spelling; Vocabulary Power etc. Could really help you to ace your exam! :D

Backyard Science. 
YES, it`s the show based on the best-selling Dorling Kindersley book, also named Backyard Science!
A show for kids by kids! It features simple & not to mention FUN experiments revolving around the world of Science! It gives some really good tips too, occasionally! For instance; the protein in bread & milk helps to reduce the 'hotness' in hot food. Been there done that :D

16 schools in Singapore compete to be in the Finals. It`s fun, it`s cool -- AND YOU GET CASH! For their school laa. Consists of two challenging rounds, we can observe what customers have to say, how to handle money & stuff. Eventhough I don`t really like Maths, this show is so COOL! 

*Will add more later* 

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