The Secret Chamber

Just thought you`d like to know something about me;;

I wished my name was Alea Insyirah for some reason.
Laughing-non-stop-for-no-reason disease -- Just with fam & Anna only.
People might think I`m so rajin & good, but not really. Kind of the opposite, tbh :O
I dream of becoming a fashion designer, but I hardly even know the basics in sewing! Gosh, gotta upgrade that part. 
I tend to follow some people in certain things. I mean, pfft. Everyone needs a follower sometimes!
Slow. In. Maths. Ohkay this isn`t much a secret :P
I noticed that my face looks different at different times. Sometimes pretty :P sometimes quite ugly? WEIRD.
Mum gets annoyed when I tell too much about fashion (mainly clothes) at a time. 
I`m quite good in browsing the Internet (angkat bakul masuk sendiri) but with softwares, codes, and other programs.. hampas! 
I love motivation. :DD 

That`s 10 already, nuff` lah. 

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