There`s a GIANT on the Loose!

Went shopping for groceries at Giant Kinrara yesterday =)
It was bigger than Giant Puchong, obviously. And
I was just 'melayan mata' seeing all the gorgeous clothes sold
at the kiosks. I`d like to buy some, but nevermind. It`s not
a neccesity right now.

Hm. We arrived kinda late, & we returned home also kinda
late, lol. My sisters & I chose some trackbottoms for at home
use. I mean, we`re running out of it!

There was heaps of FREE SAMPLES around 1 area. So..
We tried Keloggs` Cereal; HL Milk; Yakult; Enfakid Milk;
Calci-Yum; Campbell`s Mushroom Soup; Mamee Maggi.. :D
There was also Prego, but didn`t have the chance to. I had a very bad
tummy ache, so have to burst out. I guess I had too much milk? =.=

After shopping, we ate at the Food Court.
As always being the typical me, I`d order Mee Hotplate.
Or Sizzling.. whatever you call it. It was de-licious! :D
Conclusion -- Both Giant Puchong & Giant Kinrara`s 
Mee Hotplate = Nicee! Mydin = Nahh. 

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