Wonder How It Would Be Like ...

Short info - Most of my class are going for the Sej ceramah today. So before recess, I`ll stay in class with a few other yay-we-can-do-whatever-we-want gals (or maybe boys too, idk)! Haha!

Hmm. It probably feels like when I`m left out of the KLCC trip. Perhaps, we won`t join forces this time ? [Dunnoe what that means? Gabung kelas.] I`m so excited for today! Really excited. Most of my friends are going too, but they`re from other classes so what the heck .. I`m just happy for `em getting something :D

As far as I know, Lyn & the gang are staying. COOL! But I`m not that close to some of `em.. Sigh.
Maybe I`ll do my KH project thingie - sewing a blouse! Or maybe sleep. But I`ve gotten enough sleep already, I think .. 

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