Hmm well today I woke up at 12.00pm :O I slept sometime at 2am so that explains it!
I asked Mum why she didn`t woke me. But what a surprise [ not really]..! She said she`s been into my room like how many times, woke me up but .. nothing?? Ahh I guess I really tidur mati laa =.=

At that mo I haven`t eaten my breakfast, or do my homework .. or bath. EEEKS! I skipped all the non-important homework & got on with my Maths. It was difficult, ha. I just can`t seem to understand! [But I shouldn`t affirm that often. I gotta think positive.] 

At School ...

Anna was absent. 
I`m just scared she pindah sekolah already. Hope not.

Let`s just see on Monday! 

We`ve been attacked by soy-fairies! [AKA UPM students doing their assignment about health] and lucky me, our class & a few others were selected! YAY! :D

They gave a questionnaire about our eating and activities, something like our lifestyle. AND they interviewed us INDIVIDUALLY of what we eat in the last 24 hours. I`ve never felt so IMPORTANT! Haha.x

Too bad, I wish they could speed things up a little. I was so eager to be a celeb - featured in a mag! [In other words -- being interviewed & 'featured' in their report. hehe] Our class have 4 rows of tables right? They only finished 2. I`m so dissapointed cause` I`m sitting in row 3. *sobsob*

Hopefully they can continue it next Monday.
 That simply means I skipped my BM & 2 period of Agama lesson today. But I still had to face Maths after recess. Blah. Cylinders! :P

The best part; each of us got a *FREE* Yeo`s soy drink! [The 'laters' got the chrysanthemum ] COOL. Mine spilled a lil on ma table cause` the straw was faced downwards. Some people nearby was like 'What`s that? Did u spilled it?


Uh whatever. I`m gonna watch Sekar in 30 mins. Wonder what happens to her. Now it`s getting really interesting. It has a twist from all the story about Sekar + Rendra, now it`s kinda all about .. what`s his name again idk. But my mum calls him 'Robinhood' cause he acts just like a superhero on the go!


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