Careless !!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Why are you so careless, dum dum ?!! 

Fyi, I`m refering to me, TQ :p
 My parents are currently attending a seminar, so our Grandma &; Auntie are babysitting us :D
And yesterday after a talk with Auntie about exam - I finally realized I really do have the opportunity to get 0 in my PSV paper 2! The question number was wrong... :(

Alright, I did the `weird, fantasy animal` which was Q2, but I had written Q3 instead, which was about flood.. *Sigh* 

If I`m not mistaken, Gabumon`s power has something to do with water. Mm, I see a plan coming up (: I hope Teach` will take pity in me.. and
give me `markah kesian`


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