Eid-datess + Random Funny Aunt

Eid is fineeeeeeeee!
We stayed at Mum`s mum`s house (Opah) house for the first day, second day is at Dad`s mum`s (nenek). At the same day, we went to Sabak cause` most of nenek`s relatives are there. As always we hanged out at Tok Cho`s and have sleepovers at cousin Aimi`s.
Returned to Teluk Intan yesterday night, had a sleepover at nenek`s. Now at opah`s (0h btw today`s her 67th birthday - 29.11.09 ! InshaAllah panjang umur!)
 Sorry I hope you don`t get confused in these stuff, LOL!


Auntie texted two of my younger bro`s friends (the messages were in his outbox, she thought his phone no more credit);

To S: Esok exam ape?
S replies: Kau mabuk ke? Cuti sekolah lah!
To S: Makndak aku yg hantar. Makndak aku sewel.

To Z: I`m board (bosan).
Z replies: Kenapa ni?? (or something like that)

Well my "nice" auntie literally LOL-ed rolling at the floor! She was even chased by my poor bro.. Honestly I don`t really get why that`s funny but it does sound like it when she tells it ! =D


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