Hello Holidays ;] + Updatess.

Finally. EXAM'S FINISHED! Whoop-whoop! :D
I've got some papers already & thank God all As!
Hm. Now I realized I can't live without the INTERNETT.  Haha I experienced it yesterday - no connection. P.S. Now I'm at my Kampung but going to home-sweet-home very soon. Then I'll be going to my sibs' school prize-giving ceremony. They all got Top 3! (: I hope my other bro got Mumtaz for his PSRA (Sekolah agama version for UPSR).

After the ceremony, we'll be heading to our old house, still at the same area but an apartment. Gonna grab my still-unused-UPSR-money to go... (what else?) ...  SHOPPING! Make that *ONLINE*, I already have a wishlist and can't wait to get my hands on them! :D
Well, it's a purple-pink maxi dress & a long black cardigan with extra fabric infront & pockets. Ultra chic.


We had a class party on Friday, last last day of school. At first I wasn't really having fun, Anna ntah ke mana.. I was all alone. :( Then somehow after the photo session it was alright. ;D We ate Domino pizza -YUM! And some other stuff. The cake looked so nicee.. ;P

In class, I received my Form 3 textbooks.. Most of the class "wisely" choose only the wrapped ones and they all tumble down.. woooohoo.. Book ride! I heard one of the SPBT prefects saying "So stupid la you guys.." I see, he's frustrated. So so what?? Haha.

Oh ya, previous owner of Chan's Sivik book wrapped the last page with the book cover. So she cut the plastic and everything went well thanks to my brilliant idea :P

But thanks Chan! For distributing my cloud 9 wafers to the class. Some people took like 4.. or 5 pieces each! WHOA. It's okay la - lagi cepat habis lagi bagus! Hehehe.

As for the Art exam, I did "Weird animal" So I drew Gabumon;

Everyone who passed my table, asked "Digimon kah??" Haha. Macam tau tau aje.. ;D


I'm gonna miss 2A. I didn't cry unlike last year; but this year the inner feeling is more saddened. Sigh. I hope I can see you guys next year in the same class. Thanks Cikgu Maizatul.

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