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*I'm posting on what I assume are the trends, through my general observation ...

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Tudung Ekin
Mrs Ekin is married to Mawi and she has popularized these one-piece sort of scarves:

These scarves has existed waaaay before but! She was the most famous person to have wear it so frequently. Started out as a casual sort of hijab and now considered as a formal type of hijab too; no wonder most of the school teachers has taken the step! I, too, am loving these to bits. You don't really require a brooch or anything to style it. Be at ease.

Other terms : Tudung Dubai | Tudung Indon | Tudung Ariani | Instant Hijab

Tudung Siti Nurhaliza
Dato' Siti Nurhaliza - Malaysia's #1 singer. Recently, she started wearing the hijab in her own style, as pictured below;

 It's not really covering, but it's a good start :) The budding fashionistas who-I-do-not-know-of started following this trend but with a few good adjustments - add the tudung ekin underneath. Tudung CT is commonly two-pieced but it differs depending on the suppliers and such. You could opt for this for formal occasions cause' it's more fancy-like.

As for me, I've always wanted to try it out but .. I guess it's too grown-up ish. Haha.

 Tudung Bawal
The most basic hijab spotted in Malaysia - those cottony ones which needs brooches & pins and most importantly .. it needs IRONING. Or else you'll be the laughing stock, guaranteed.  'Nuff  said. Most popular among teens.

Malaysians are taking a step forward with this layering technique. The invention of so-called inner wears has encouraged this even more. You see, layering is the NOW thing. Especially for teenagers who like to experiment new things. Layering 3/4 sleeve blouses & t-shirts over long-sleeve tops; dresses over pants; etc etc etc. Despite the warm weather we have here in Malaysia, it is recommended to layer at night, it keeps you warm, totally ;)

Though layering does has a bad effect on the Muslim's image; see for yourself :


YES, that's the fugly truth. Modern Muslims in Malaysia tend to wear sexy dresses/blouses/skirts; covering their skin with just inner-wears & leggings/skinny jeans AND topped it off with hijabs! Hmm, Trendy?! Menjejaskan imej orang bertudung adalah! If you dress like this;  just throw the damn scarf off! No point of wearing it, dum dum. After all, those innerwears shows every bumps and lumps of your skin. Eww. And this does NOT look good on plump people, at all.

 Basic Rules of the Islamic Dresscode:
Loose; Not fitted
Not transparent;
Doesn't reveal the bodyshape.

 Personally, I think using innerwears underneath 3/4 sleeves/ t-shirts/ sheer clothes is still OK.

Good Substitutes 

Long Sleeve Cardigans/ Jackets/ Trench Coats

Gorgeoussss.. Practical to top off short-sleeve or sleeveless apparels. Make sure they're loose, too!

Cotton Long Sleeve Shirts
Another alternative for the stretchy innerwears. In my case, I use my pre-loved shirts which I bought 
years ago. Eventhough it's not lengthy anymore, it's NOT fitted~! 
Reminds me of the joint t-shirts. 
Lycra is a big NO-NO.

Loose Pants
To substitute the figure-hugging leggings. It's supplies more comfort anyways.

That is all, coming from a 14-year-old teenager. Signing off;

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