Never Knew I Had It In Me .

Heyya. Can you believe it? 
I`ve got only 1 week left until the school holidays officially starts! Woots! =D


So anyway, onto the story of the day. 
When I was sitting for my Science paper, the stapler suddenly tercabut or something. Damn! 
After finishing the exam (It was HARD, btw & yeah, that`s coming from a 2A!),
I was looking around asking "Anyone got a stapler?" using mouth signs. All the people
that I asked said "NOOO.." . I had no other choice but to ask from the teacher herself!
( Oh, and I`m sitting next to Teacher - literally! ) 
I plucked up my courage; it took a long time, though! 

"Cikgu ada stapler tak?"
"Saya ada kawan, dia ada stapler. Dia duduk kat depaaaan sana." -points to Anna-
"Nama dia siapa?"
"Nak buat apa?"
"Uh, kertas ni .." -shows her the paper-

".. Tercabut?" 
-I nodded-

Fyi, I tried to sound as calm as possible. Then, she volunteered to go up to Anna and ask for it & passed me the stapler. "Tq teacher!"
After stapler-ing, she was STILL standing behind me. I was like "What?! Do I look suspicious or something?!"
Ohh. So it turns out she wanted to pass it back to Anna. PHEW! I`m saved. :D
And Thank You (again), teacher! You`ve just saved my paper!
I just can`t stop giggling but I tried my best to hide it (: 

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