So Far So Good =D

The Day Before Exam
I was determined to study-study-study and nothing else until ... THE SCHOOL MAGAZINE`S OUT! It was awesomee. I was just featured in the Class Photos but it`s okay. I wasn`t active anyways. I was so khusyuk reading it until I forgot to study ! LOL!

Ohh, and the History Teach` gave us A LOT of tips! Something like .. bocorkan soalan? Heehee. I`m just gonna study based on the tips; nothing more. Saves my time. :)
These two things are not really special. But too me, IT WAS THE BOMB! That day I was quite hyper (At least, in my mind!) & y`know what? In the wuduk room, when`s there no one there .. I danced like crazy! Jumping & twirling & stuff. Haha. Terlebih dos gedik la pulak :P
And I felt like smiling all day long :D

1st Day of Exam
Alhamdulillah; BM & BI (2) was a breeze .. I especially liked writing the English letter 
-- Something about an old-folks` home. But too bad, I made my persona a perasan person indeed. Like these sentences ;

"Being the big-hearted us ..."
"You should be proud to have a cousin like me, Aimee!..."

Well, I know I should`ve said "Just joking!" or "LOL" but this is an EXAM for crying out loud! I don`t dare to do that. Are you? (:

2nd Day of Exam
Agama & Mathematics. I really really thought it was gonna be hard. But it`s not! :) Thank you Allah! 
I think my Maths teacher knows that I`m not that good, but I`m too sombong .. bodoh pulak tu. Bukan ape, tapi .. uhm .. 

"If you ask; you`ll be a fool for 5 mins .. If you don`t ask; you`ll be a fool forever."

You see what I mean? I still respect her and everything ... except when it comes to asking. :[

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