Book-Shopping-for-School !

It feels really hot atm. Just came back .. from school! It gave me the creeps and I was like, "OMG I`m coming here again next week.. darnit." etc. I found out that my bro`s in 1D .. And he got 5As! Wow that`s a lot of 5As for 4 classes ! :O Amount of straight As PMR-ers are 65! Short of 5.. than my friend`s school.

Anyways. Mum & I queue up for like 40mins ?? @@ Tired mehh.. Books also a lot. D; Haizz better get to work! And Mum`s tummy also sakit carrying my lazy-to-follow-up bro`s books! P.S. She`s preggy.  Shh!

I bumped into Kah Yan @ Angel there. Actually she was the one who greeted me. I just don`t know how to do unexpected conversations !! D; And don`t worry Iffa, semua orang tak tau dorang masuk kelas apa tahun depan.. except Form1 lah. Jadi x rugi kalau ko x ikut mak ko beli buku hari tuu ;)

Then we went to 99 to buy some groceries.. THE END~

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