Daydreaming wonders

I dreamt Anna texted me! - Asking how are you, what`cha been up to etc. WOW. Considering she doesn`t own a phone, & her Mum is like over protective.. ? And too bad, I didn`t finish replying her text msg cause` I was busy with something, I think..

And today I woke up, I thought I still didn`t reply her text. But OH SHOOT. My phone`s dead for days. Forgot where`s the charger, probably lost in the holidays bag. Yes, that`s the unique thing about moi, I can survive for a long time without the phone. xP
Infact, during these holidays, I`ve only texted 1 person. Excluding my parents la. Calls? Uh, forget it.

Weird dream though. And sometimes I wished we`d meet or bumped into each other at shopping malls etc. Sighs.. I guess I really do miss her. Just wait till 2010. Hopefully we`ll both be in 3A (I bet!) & sit next to each other.

Speaking of school, I`m kinda nervous. Yes, well, Form 3.. Hence, PMR .. D;
And morning session .. NOT Liking it! People say morning session is more strict & uptight. GRR
And I can`t sleep in late.
And I know none of the teachers... It`s like in a new world.
One gr8 thing is that Pn. Azura is transferring to morning session, too! Insha Allah she will teach my class. Amin.

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