Dreams of Mine .

Here I go ..

1. To hug someone, like a BFF. I never hugged anyone, ever. And I mean friends. ;(

2. For someone to say "You`re my best friend!" (in person) to me. That would definitely made my day.
3. To say "Of course, darl(ing)!" "Hey girlfriend :D" "Hi dear" "Y`know, you`re pretty!" etc to someone, like a BFF. I`m just scared to say it, not wanting them to get the wrong impression. Oh, y`know what I mean. @@

4. Aaaaaaaaand, to say "ily" as a BFF. Even with Anna I`v never said that.
5. Go to outings with friends. Or at least, been invited to one. So far only once, in a lifetime by Fatin. Thanks.

6. To go to school, being accepted as who I am. and NO evil stares. Or people calling me "sombong" or "nerd", idk if it`s true but just in case !

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