Got Towel ? :x

HAHA what a title ! Lemme tell ya about the incident where my bro had no other option but to wear a t-shirt & a towel (as bottoms) to a restaurant. WOOTS.

You see, some of my sibs had a swim at our old apartment. My 11 year old sanguine bro, realised that he accidentally brought MY trackbottoms instead of his, upon changing.
So what to do? Towel got lo.. Use that lo.. Hikhikhik.. xP 

FYI, I wasn`t involved in this drama, sadly ;( Was at home.

Back to the story, moving on to the part where they eventually got home, I cracked up hearing the news ! :DD Well eventually, I was the one to realise it was really HIS trackbottoms all along. How ironic .. and sanguine ! ;;;


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