Hectic Sunday.

It was a 2 hour drive from KL to Sg Besar; we were invited for a kenduri kahwin. Upon arriving there, it was raining quite heavily but there wasn`t any lightning or thunder, thank God! Just water droplets. But still, NASTY MUD. Period.

 Imagine this : It's raining, you`re wet (kinda),  pinching your kain baju kurung slightly upwards, holding a plate of food but there`s no available place to sit down and dig in. *This is where the inconsiderate people come in* They were talking to each other, finished their food, exchanging phone numbers and yada yada yada. WOULDN`T IT BE NICE IF THEY COULD JUST GET THEIR BUTTS OFF THE CHAIRS FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO SIT?!

Yeah they listened to me, somehow. Telepathy. xD
Anyways I saw centipedes (eww ya little nastys) on the roads as soon as I got out of my chair. A few of them.  Jumped here jumped there. Some brave people squished them with chairs & shoes. GOOD. I`m saved.!

Moving on, Sg Besar was near my relatives' houses & both my grannies`. Spent our time there until almost midnight. Then went back home. Had some good ole` shut eye. That`s why I woke up at 11 today, lol.


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