I Wanna Be Her.

 Atm Thoughts 

0H Okayy, fine. I`ll go to bed soon considering it`s already 1am++. Don`t force; I know what I`m doing. -_-"
Hmm. I wonder how Dad`s doing in Sabah. Is the hotel nice? The food? Haa, tricked you there. He`s there for a business trip & will be back tomorrow. Can`t wait !


What Do You Mean I Wanna Be Her

Amelia Henderson.. The teenage celeb. She`s just so perfect ! Beauty, brains & a whole lot of talents. On the other hand, I`m not much of those.. hehe.
I also liked how she presented for the English room @ TVIQ. And that inspired me to become my own personal presenter... in the bathroom ! LOL! :D

I was washing my face, applying the cleanser & stuff and started "talking" to myself (as if I`m the audience too) through the mirror. And smiled at random moments..

And I suck at it.. Boohoo. Well I do think I speak OK-ish by myself but not when there`s other strangers around ..! I also tend to follow her slang & idk why ...?!

I`d recommend you to watch the English Room @ 1pm every Saturday & Sunday. Only at TVIQ! You`re feel good channel. Oops where did that came from?! XD
Planet TVIQ  is  pretty  cool  too! 
Gosh I`m turning into a TVIQ freak now :x

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