Let`s go ! // 11 YO.

Well, hi there .. 
Supposedly we`re gonna go home on Sunday night, but Dad suddenly changed his mind - he `feels` he wants to drive home on Monday. So, great .. now I have nothing to wear ! 

 Grandma generously gave me 2 pieces of her vintage tops upon seeing the situation. I like `em. (:
One of `em is a blue-greyish long sleeves tee, it doesn`t look really vintage so I wore that one. Other one?  Silky white button-down blouse with black polkadots ! It works as a cardigan too ! So yeahh, 
ily <3.


Oh how I wished Dad didn`t go for too much pit stops along the way .. oh y`know, restaurants, relatives` houses.. grr. A journey which started out at 1pm, ended at .. uhm, 8pm?! I KNOW, sooo long. But only from Perak to Puchong meh.. 

Tired, duh.. but somehow a lil` accident happened involving me at home. So I had to makeup for it. And everything was just in a nick of time! :D I learnt something, too.


Today 1.12.09 my bro turns 11 ! Congrats.
My wish to you : I hope you die. (fyi it`s my habit to say it everytime we get into a fight)
Okay I take that back. "Happy Birthday!" 

I hope you respect me even more as a sister.  :P

Stop being soo annoying.
Maybe one day I`ll admit "ily".
Good luck in life.
Get taller & slimmer, BRO! You`ll need it.
One last thing - I can`t feel your bones. -_-" That`s why.


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