My Chocolate Muffins` 2nd Giveaway!

I just love giveaways, who doesn`t rite?
Prizes are kept secretive, ooh, I love surprises ! 
& One new gift is added everyday til` 31st December.. Woots!
That`s a lot to be won!  :D

Simply comment under the giveaway post (click here)
along with your 2010 resolutions
Easy as abc! 

Take your shot, & let`s see who wins ;)


My 2010 resolutions ..
Achieve 8As for PMR; that`d prove my 3 years studying is worthwhile.
Become an 'anak solehah', better sister, student & friend. ;)
Appreciate life more, by having more fun, & meeting new friends. Overcome my extreme shyness problemo ..

Good luck to all. (:

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