My Fashion Wishlist.

My Fashion Wishlist
My Fashion Wishlist by Chillax0x featuring Donna Karan

1. A simple buttonless BLACK cardigan to top off short-sleeve tops + maxi dresses when I`m out and about! I already have a grey one but it`s kinda too big. Anyways I`m seeing the perfect one at eightdesignsboutique.com for rm45 ! ;)

2. Black gladiator sandals. I have 2 pair of flats 1 slippers. I NEED SANDALS! They`re versatile !

3. A pair of good flare/wide leg/straight cut jeans. Doesn`t matter if it`s washed or dark; I`m just too bored of my overly-used black slacks. :(

4. A pair of white jeans/slacks. Almost same reason as #3.

5. White sports bag that`s big enough to carry all my neccesities. And can be matched with anything! :)

6. A denim sling bag - always loved denim. Ahh.. Reason almost same like #5.

7. MAXI DRESSES! Make that, cotton! I don`t care whether it`s tie-dye, or whatever. And not too flowery. Preferably something with spaghetti straps and straight cut at cleavage !

*Starting from now onwards, not in set*

8. A piece of under skirt; skin colour. Cause` I have this white gypsi-styled skirt and it`s semi sheer. So yeahh.

9. More Tudung Ekin - patterned ones ! I`m quite a simple person and I don`t like much pinning ;)

10. SHAWLS SHAWLS SHAWLS. Like Yuna (a singer). I kinda like those type now, it sticks to your head. And doesn`t make my face look round.. lol. And it doesn`t form holes when pinning, cause` I`d pin with barely noticable hairclips ;)

*I`ll add more when I think of more*

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