Oh, Brother ! Hair-raising much?

Today afternoon, Zira & I accompanied Mum for her monthly pregnancy check-ups at Columbia.
It was my first in a long time visiting a hospital. That`s great, right? Simply means I`m healthy ;)
Oh, I was smiling like all the time there, lol. Jakun! xP

After a few minor tests like blood test, urine test etc, we still had to wait for the actual check up. Looked around randomly and SERIOUSLY, THOSE LIGHT BLUE CHEONGSAM-STYLED NURSE OUTFITS are SOOOOOOO CUTEE! Haha! I wonder where I can get those.. hmm.

We, mainly Zira & I, did some exploring to satisfy our curiousity needs. Wandered around the area, checked out the public toilet (lol), touched walls, changed waiting sits, observed people`s outfits, & many more uncertain activities. F-U-N :D

Cute huh? Baby rhino xD

Finally, it`s the time we`ve all been waiting for. The scanner did its thing &  "It`s a BOY!" Dr Junaidah exclaimed :D Now the couples are complete - 3 boys 3 girls. Yayy !
Didn`t had the chance to see the baby`s face though, he was covering it with his hands! lol So CUTE. 
Oh well, there`s always a next time :D

Subsequently, the nurse had to take a sample of Mum`s blood. I was like "SERIOUSLY? SHE`S GONNA POKE YOUR SKIN?? AHHHHHH EWWWW." & "Ehhh Mahh Goddddd" while breathing difficultly during the process. First time, OKAY. Seeing as much blood as that sucked into the syringe ! o.O

Alright, payment done. Cafe, next ! Just see see only, didn`t even take a bite. Muffins are out of stock :x
Then, we went grocery shopping at SevenEleven, kedai mamak Ali & 99 Speedmart. 3 different places at a time. Of course, not all shops has everything. Right??

Upon arriving home, I realized something --
I`ve gotten my "P" already. Sighs.

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