Double the Makeovers -- Double the FUN! ;)

This is Fia_fantasy, my doll on Stardoll -- she just had a makeover from Zira, my sister. Now tell me, which one do ya like better? Before -- after? Say before! Say before! xP

Items used :
Sephora Eyeliner
Sephora Pink Eyeshadow
Sephora Nude Eyeshadow
Dot Dark Grey Eyepencil
Sephora White Eyepencil 
Sephora Volumizing Mascara
Sephora Blusher
Sephora Lippies
Doree Dark Brown Dye
Doree Gold Highlights 
Black Hippie Headband
Huge Pink Bow
Diamond Earrings 



Ooh, this is Zira AKA Zira2000. This time around, I`m responsible for thee makeover! Simplicity is the key ;)

Items used :
Dot White eye pencil
Dot Volumizing Mascara
Dot Electric Pink Lippies
Pink Headband

Ahh, yes. I may sound like a so-called "makeup maniac" 
but nahh. Real life? I know nothing! Seriously! 
Just for the sake of Stardoll fun . 

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