Movie Night gone Bad?!

Heeeey! Went to watch Alvin & the Chipmunks 2 at IOI new wing last night! Front row seats, babeh! :D
Actually, we got the last tickets.. lol

Movie rating  : 7/10 
It`s too short - 1 hour 10 mins onlyy
really Funny.  Cracks me up loadsa times..

Cute Chipmunks & Chipettes! Chubby cheeks, cute voices! ilysm! <3

Too short climax.. aww.

Not enough caramel popcorn.. this one`s for me, not thee movie. lol 

Characters (for my own memory, heehee):

Alvin - Brittany

Simon - Jeanette
Theodore - Eleanor
Ian - Villain 
Dave & Toby - good people, lol
Mrs Rubin - principal; secret Chipmunks fan

Anywho, still GOOOD! :D

The Incident Before..
We suddenly had a problemo - burst pipes. Filter pipes. Darnit. Good thanks to plasticine, tape, &Daddy`s skills.. ;)
So we arrived at IOI a teensy bit late.

At Jusco
Dad was lost. So we went searching for him. Ooh, turns out he`s at the electrical appliances section. We just didn`t see him xP
I spot someone else wearing the same tudung ekin as me. Gosh. I think she smiled at me :x

Home Sweet Home
Arrived home; the water flooded 1/3 of the kitchen. `nuff said
Later at 12.30am, we enjoyed maggi goreng & maggi sup with the family. What a wonderful way to end such a phenomenal day! ;)

For Your Entertainment, I Present You .. 

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