Finally! The perfect blogskin after searching for days. ;D
Sorry for the inconvenience caused, IF you did passed by in that duration.


On Friday 11|12|09, we visited our uncle in Sunway. He lives in an condominium & it`s tres` cool! Got swimming pool also. It was kinda like a get together for my Mum`s side. And since a lot of relatives came over, there were lots of food. LOADS. I was barely gonna have a tummy ache of too much food intake, lol.
0H, The milo wafers are really yummy. I ate like 5 or 6 pieces! Thanks Auntie for the introduction! :D
The laughter & chatters filled the whole night.


Yesterday 12|12|09 Ikea/Curve was our destination. Just cause` my lil cousin Dina (& Grandma, woots!) wanted to see Xmas trees & deco at malls. LOL
Had lunch at Ikea, & snack at McD eating ice creamss.
I don`t know about the rest, but we went home empty handed.. Tiring much?! :x
After spotting attractive things, we kept saying  "Perfect for our room - kitchen - study table!" etc.
The displays & show rooms were cool, as always.
Seems like this year`s theme is red & white. Where`s green gone?! xP


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