The Vacation ! :DD

... it was Great.

 1st Day
We headed to Endau for Dad`s pal wedding ceremony. For some reason, Endau reminded me of  Hutan Simpanan Endau-Rompin where they keep the rhinos & stuff. LOL
Yeah it was a kampung house. I just had to tumpang the toilet untuk melepaskan 'hajat' and WOW, they still kept a well inside there! It was a fun experience taking the water using the pail. You should try it! (:
Otw out, I lost my shoes. Where could it go? Oh, so some boy accidentally wore it. Are my slippers THAT ugly to be considered as HOUSE SHOES?! Ugh.
We spent the night at Mersing but didn`t really had the chance to go swimming in the sea :(
At night, my 7-year-old sis modeled her so-called ROCKSTAR outfit -- singlet; denim vest; jeans; stockings (lol); bandana &topped off with her CRAZY hairstylee. Simply humorous !

2nd Day
ROMPIN, Pahang ! Haa, it`s like a connection - GET IT, Endau-Rompin ?? :DD
The place is gorgeouss - Serai di Lanjut Beach & Golf resort !

And it`s right infront of the beach! COOL. It signifies our dream beach house . (:

Pics coming right up*

3rd Day
Last day.  Had breakfast at the hotel`s bistro - American style consisting of sausages, half cooked eggs, baked beans, toast.. and tea. Yummy. :)

Had a swim in the swimming pool, I am finally tall enough to go inside the big ones! Haha! ;P
Had a blast playing with my sibs especially when there were less people there - it`s MONDAY for god`s sake! :D Too bad, can`t go to the beach cause` Dad said it wasn`t nice. GRRRRRRR....
0H, I purchased an orange t-shirt, Mum bought a pareo, & sisters grabbed a keychain each.

I guess that`s all.. The big question now is..
Where Are You Guys Holiday-ing ?!

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