Bittersweet "Cakes"


WOW, I haven`t blog about school in ages! It`s about time now, huh?  :D
Fyi I consider my life now as cakes.. lol. Idk why, frankly!

I was selected as group 3 leader in the Science lab. IDONTWANTLAA..
Summore worse, it`s mixed boys AND girls per group - AND I can`t sit with my friends cuhs - I`m surrounded by guys on the right AND left sides. Actually, EVERYONE`s like that D;
I`ve left my leading days a long time already. In fact, since Year 6! A prefect was me. Ya how can you EVER believe that this quite little girl was a prefect in the old days?! RIGHT?
I was sobbing too, because of this Science stuff. Then I told myself "No crying-crying ah.. it`s embarrassing. You`re a wimp .." Immediately I wiped my tears and eventually stopped.

Moving on to the BRIGHT SIDE OF THE DAY ~ The English Society Meeting! :DD I`m already loving it to bits. Since there was a fairly small amount of members, we`re starting to become like a big family. All the Form5s (and the rest of the club) are really sporting which is gr8, and the teachers are AWESOME. During thee introductory session, I exclaimed that "I love fashion!" and the vice president was like "ME TOO!" and the smiling starts .. haa. (:
Btw their English is really good - AMAZED here!

P.S. I won the Howto Bingo contest at Polyvore :D
Got 90 faves y`know! Well you`d get it if you`re a polyvorian

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