Confessions .

School stuff again. Reporting LIVE from my bedroom :] Peaceeeeee yo.

This year I`m in these co-curricular activities - Puteri Islam, English club & Permainan Dalaman. I feel so happy that in each one I`ve got friends :] We pakat2 together.. 

We also had a Science pop quiz about the respiration stuff. Okay okayla.
But ONE thing that pissed me off was that HOW COULD I MISSED THE LAST QUESTION?! I didn`t notice it at all, honestly!
Why is cigarette smoking dangerous to man?  
(or something like that. Anna told me)
Ans :- Cause` it causes lung cancer. 

Easy right? Sure get fail one.. =S
Moving on, I had a really embarrassing and confusing moment during Geography period. I didn`t finished my homework, damn. It`s not that I want to, it`s just that I used to do my notes almost at the end of every topic - get what I mean? (& I overslept last night!) Who`d predict teach` will check on the following day?! Now I`ve learnt my lesson. Thanks Teach`.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has come to her attention that I`m quite a quite person;
I was speechless when she asked me "Eh, pucatnya muka .. Takut dengan saya ke?!  Tak suka senyum ke?" 
"Err.. *long pause* tak ..?!"

Something else came to mind - What am I saying?! I LOVE TO SMILE! I LURVE, okay.
Nodding my head like yeah, shaking my hips like yeah.
I could care less about the people who laughed at me, and I assume there was only a few.

Now I hafta erase my quiteness, and embark on a new journey to BRAVERY & CONFIDENCE land. Watch out guys :D

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