Extra + Art + Table Stuffs.

Let me start with what happened the day before - during Agama period,
 I was searching for my rehal AKA the mini wooden table # 20.

So I just took a random rehal and went to the "class". Nadia told me
"Dah cari kat atas.. bawah? Kadang2 dorang main letak jer." 
So off I went to the rehal-keeping library again.. NO. NADA.
Wheretheheck did it go? It couldn`t run by itself right? RIGHT.

Turns out some not-alert-enough boy took it, mistaken #20,
for #02. I SCOLDED HIM in a tak-tentu-arah voice. Main cakap je
entah ape2. "Oitt tu 20 aku punya KO AMBIK AKU PUNYA! Ni ko punya!" 
and then Fatihah calmed me down.
Weirdly enough, we kinda exchanged our rehals!
I took #02 and he took #20! :O

Same thing happened again today - MY REHAL IS LOST.
Only this time, it`s not anyone-who-I-know-of`s fault.
Perhaps some other people took it, since there was
another class studying with another teach`.
0H, Nadia labeled me as DEGIL cause` I didn`t
told Ustazah about the rehal thing. hehe

Moving on, today we were supposed to return the kelas +an
form. I brought it, along with the cash. To my surprise,
the majority of my class chose NOT to go for any subject.
Only like 5-6 peeps. Woots. AND Mum told me
to take ALL subjects :O
I`d be pretty busy everyday though.
I haven`t returned the form yet, tbh. Tomorrow la.
And I`m choosing Science+Maths.
My worst best subjects. ;]

Oh yeah SENI time.
Wait ah, last point. After this you can go sleep. :]
Anna & I are the ONLY ones in our group.
OKAY, fine no prob. BUT WE`RE NOT CHINESE.
AND, it`s a CNY art thingie.
Heh. Extra effort is needed.
Emphasis on the part : WE`RE NOT CHINESE.
Being the smartie us *flattered*
We took inspiration from the free angpow packets
that I got from the Tiger biscuits.
GET IT? The year of the tiger la duhh!


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