The Perfect Class Again :)

A LOT of students & teachers complained about
the RANDOM streaming. Not fair for students; teachers are clueless on
how to teach.. slow, or fast?
Mostly regarding how fast (or slow) the students can
catch up on their lessons.

Turns out that it`s the afternoon session PK`s fault.
Even the headmistress is mad at her ! She trusted her soo much, pity. :/
After a lot of consideration, jeng jeng jeng .. ALL FORM 3 STUDENTS GO BACK 

So that means I`m in 3A with the rest of my ex-2A friends.
A bit sad, I`m STILL the only Malay girl there. Anywho, still GOOOD. 
Now I`m sitting with Angel @ Kah Yan in my *dream* place
-- above the fan (check!) + within two middle rows (check!)
with a friendly person (check!)  + 2nd row :DD

Okay, so now I`m like the teacher`s attention.
Sorta, especially in Geography period.
I have to nod every time,
look smart (hahas) & not look bored :P
Geo teach` also gave us a look at last year`s PMR paper.
Damn EASY.! I could totally score ! :D

I have homeworks already. Yuppers.
Better get used to it, HELP.ME.LAH.


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