Report: On the 1st Day of School I ..

Everything was fineeeeeeeeeeeeee. Better than any year ! :D
When I was sitting at the dewan terbuka I kept saying "I`m healthy and energetic, happy and positive everyday in every way" over and over again, it became like an affirmation or something, lol.

Well, long story short, the streaming was random. Random people from random classes entered 3A & some 2A people (even the smarties) went to other lower random classes. It`s not fair. D; I SURVIVED, MAN !

It`s a long way to the class and fat people need exercise. :S
I`m currently sitting with SiokWoon near the window. Previously with Kanjana & Fatihah before teacher changed our places.

So anyways. List of teachers so far:

Mrs Ang, thee Class teacher / ENGLISH 
Very soft spoken,  straightforward. She`s kinda like `auntie style` Don`t do this don`t do that ! And btw, Anna resigned from being monitor cause` her mum won`t let her. But teacher convinced her "Can la.. be monitor la!" etc. I mean, it`s HER MUM`S decision -- and that`s FINAL!

Mrs Thye, BM
OMG It`s Ken`s mum :O She`s strict! I`m kinda scared :p I wonder why Ken acted selamba as if she`s NOT his mum :x

The most F-U-N teacher around ! She`s sorta funny, I guess :D Nice nicee.

Strict; slightly fierce. Nice balance. Good teaching, I have to add :) Better than last year, definitely!

Mrs Hasila, SEJARAH
LOUD. Is. All. That. I. Can. Say.

Ustazah Molizah, PEND. ISLAM
Super duper strict! Stuttered reading the Quran -- scared of HER! :x She`s a perfectionist too.

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