S-C-H-O-O-L What`s that spell? SCHOOL ! xP

Heeeey peeps, the blogger is back :D
Been busy with school. Like everyone else !
Hmm, there wasn`t any oral test today and
I stayed up late last night just for THAT ~ FOR NOTHING ! :S
Friends who read my oral notes were like "Who`s she?!" 
"Oh! I Don`t watch TVIQ!" "She sounds like 
Thai.." & so forth. Fyi, that`s the reason I chose her
as The Person Who I Admire, so that you guys won`t!

 For the million gazillionth time, thee BM teach` changed our places - AGAIN -
[eventhough she`s not the form teacher] according to our
heights! Now sitting with Felicia :] Seriously, this year is so bizarre
- it`s like, we change our sits every now and then!
Who knows what`ll happen next considering I`ve sat beside
5 different people in 6 days! WHOA :D

And to top that off, this BM teacher has even started to think
that I`m the Most Neutral Person in Class ! @@
Cikgu Maizatul has, last year. And now.. HER?! WHO`S NEXT?!!
Man, I should get an award for this =P
Actually, being quite is basically my nature. Can`t you
just understand THAT~?

Besides, I ate those biscuit sticks with chocolate coating
called Ricko.. or is it Rocky?! for recess.  Uhm, only after I finished eating I noticed
there`s no HALAL sign. :O But the ingredients are OK,
so I guess it`s OK?! :S

Uh-oh! Everyone else`s Science projects were waaaaaaaaay waaaaaay
better than ours .. except one, though! *evil laugh* Its rubber sheeeeeeet POPPED! :DD
Newest project is aye 'heart' model showing the structures etc. WHAT TO USE?
Durian ? :x

Stop the timer. and lemme do mah homework slowly :]

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