Shoutmix VS. Cbox

You already know what they are - tagboards, shoutbox, chat widgets.. or, whatever you call it.
Above all, these two are the mostly used; hence, it is ever-so-popular among bloggers like us!
Personally, I prefer Shoutmix.
What makes Shoutmix better, rather than Cbox, you ask? Now that`s something to think about! =D

1. Smileys


                            Right; Shoutbox | Left; Cbox.

Smileys represent happiness (well, most of the time) and of course, cheerful colours came to mind such as yellows, pinks, etc :)
But why blue? Ain`t that just sad? :/
If compared the variations of smileys of those that Shoutmix and Cbox has provided, Cbox is definitely crowned the winner. But which one`s more .. eye-catching? Unique? Dramatic? Graphically ah-mazing? SHOUTMIX! :D Fyi, I like scanning every little detail that differentiates two (or more) things.

2. ... but ... !

Left; Shoutmix | Right, Cbox.

I`ve always liked stuff that are simple but sweet, looks clean & neat, and such, no matter what it is ( just look at my current blogskin! How simple can you get?? ) and Shoutmix totally portrayed that.
 Cbox seems slightly childish & lame, I admit. Sorry cbox fans! Unless, you`ve changed the codings, then it`s alright - Like what Leenie did with her cbox :] iLikeit.

Of course, both chat widgets are customizable in colours, sizes and whatever else, but Shoutmix
will always be in my heart <3 How about yourself?

Again, I didn`t mean to sabotage;
it`s just an opinion from a blogger.
It`s your choice to choose.
So please, no hating =)

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