T.G.I. Friday :D

Last night was simply perfect. I completed all my homework before I shut my eyes. No more waking up sheepishly in the middle of the night doing my homework. heh

In the early morning, the teachers had a quick meeting - and what I mean by 'quick', is the exact opposite. Our butts hurt sitting at the assembly hall for too long until, Anna found a mini shark-teeth-shaped-rock, out of boredom! :)

Have I told you? I was selected by my BM teacher to take down the names that has passed up the books (or not) on a printed paper. I`m just left with the checking work. Then I`d give the books to the assistant to send to the teacher. (I`m thinking it`s for the whole year - yikes?!)

In addition, I love my Geo teach` - she often tells us about her childhood memories - from playing games to living life, and if Geography period isn`t enough, we`ve got PJK :) She`s teaching us girls only. Poor boys x]

I`m saving the best for last - Science, with Ms Lim :D She likes teasing students that didn`t do her work by calling them her "boyfriends". Woots. And if on a certain day, her boyfriend did the work, she`ll praise him as handsome, and vice versa! It`s her funny way of saying it that made us burst out!

Okayy, during her lesson, several students came in to make announcements - and this guy, can`t finish his announcement, somehow! He`ll look down in annoyance! For one; teacher suddenly said something not meant for him, but he took it the other way & stopped! We laughed. Second of all, another announcer knocked the door, during his "speech"! Stopped again. We laughed ! And he speaks too fast - so he announced for the second time in a veeeery slow voice with the we-already-know-that explanations - FUNNY. Ms Lim was so amazed and exclaimed "Wow you can be a teacher!", smiling. He insisted "I can take over your place teacher!" LOL.

One last thing,  Ms Lim caught someone for the second time for ditching her class. BUSTED! Since they both differ in height (he`s tall, she`s short), she summoned him to kneel down so that she doesn`t have to look up just for the sake of scolding him. lol It actually looks like he`s proposing to teacher LOL..

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