Today is Thursday, :S

AKA O7-01-2010. 
Teacher changed our places again
according to the name list.
And I`m sitting with Jia Li. 
Okay okaylah. :)

Update #1;
I`m sitting right where I was before ! On Angel`s place, though (she was my partner) ! :D
BAD THING --> No drawer D;

Update #2;
Our Science teacher generously assigned us for a Science module of the Human Respiratory System in groups of two (invidually at first). We were like
Teacher asked back "Why? Form 2 already do this ah.."
"No lah teacher..."
"Aiyaa.. You teruklah if I was your Form 2 teacher. Sure many modules one.."
So, I`m pairing up with Angel ! The project starts tomorrow -- CAN`T WAIT *sarcastic*

Update #3;
Can you believe how RANDOM this school is ?! Huh?! You see, *trying to sound polite* 
We are gonna study KH with the 3H STUDENTS !
3A + 3H = Not matching. 
It`ll be hard for teacher to teach. And well idk. I DON`T LIKE IT.
Summore the teacher was teaching me in Form 1,
and she`s not good.. :P

Update #4;
ORAL TEST. Either tomorrow or Monday, not so sureee.
Who do you admire ? Who do I admire?
Let me think ..


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