Khaleeji Style Hijab

Khaleeji Style Hijab
Khaleeji Style Hijab by Chillax0x 

It drapes gracefully on your face/head (perfect as cover up for round faced people!) and despite the difficult way to recreate this look that hijabis came to believe, I myself, had discovered a much easier way on how to achieve it ;]
YAY ME! *duplicating London Tipton*


You Need:
A very long / wide Amira hijab AKA tudung ekin AKA tudung Indon.
A few pins / hairclips (my preference).

So, how?:
-  Put on your Tudung Ekin, ensure that it stays at your shoulders so it drapes beautifully.
-  Pull the back part upwards to the head; You don`t really want it to be accurate. Make sure after you`ve pulled, the hijab still covers your neck (back part).
-  Slightly fold the "second layer" to give extra volume. And then you pin / clip it to the 1st layer. Small pins/clips should do. 
- Recommended to wear with a buttonless/unbutton cardigan to offer great coverage for the back part. 


Another alternative : Wear a ready-made tudung Siti on top of your tudung ekin. Much easier. hehe

Though I`ve never tried wearing it outside yet? lol.

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