Monday Blues

Yesterday was a pretty "funny" day. @@
I hate bloody bloody BLOOD!
It was so embarrassing, Alhamdulillah Anna teman-ed me to go to the ... oh, y`know.
My 2nd time fyi .
Umm, we went for like 15 mins I think, good thing there wasn`t any teacher from the 1st period to the period before recess.! Just talking rubbish la. haha

THE 3A BLOG.. When can I read it?!
Oh well what to do when you`re forgotten... :P

During Agama lesson, our rehal partner have to fill
in a PAFA form or somethin' for us (for PMR!). I did Nadia`s,
but she gave my form to H****** cause H. didn`t
have any partners. BOOHOO

In the "ADAB BERKAWAN" category she gave me 2 marks (lowest) out of 4.
That I can still accept.

But in the "KERJA" category, how can I get 2 marks?! DOES SHE HAS SORE EYES OR
SOMETHING?! I almost ALWAYS pass up my homeworks on time. Maybe I don`t
give much cooperation in group works (weirdly, nothing so far involving "HER") so maybe,
I`ll get 3? But WHY 2? 2 is like the LOWEST of the LOWEST.. Macam la aku ni teruk
sangat.. Sampai hati kau H****** !!

I`m trying to forgive her, like.. why am oversensitive of just one tick in a form? Rubbish..
But Idk why, there`s something inside me burning everytime I see her.. UGH.
I thought, "Fine, if you give me 2 I`ll act like 2 infront of you."
But will she even care? NOO. `Cause no one in school cares about me.


Today, is well, Tuesday. I can`t believe the first monthly test is next week!
Tomorrow I`ll do aye presentation of "Hikayat Mat Jenin" , the synopsis. Wish me luck! :D
The 1Malaysia karangan is not worth my time and efforts. Due date expired.

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