Over and Out.

YAYYYY! Internet, I`m soo back! :DD
Fyi, my TV + internet + house phone = :P already. But it`s good, cause I studied more within that period =P  I`ll try to restrict my computer time for weekends (and maybe a few on weekdays)

Here`s a few happenings at school;

1. I was chosen to read my essay outloud in class, about Tun Abd Razak but I pronounced it as Rajak.. LOL. And I suddenly laughed sorang-sorang.. Maybe a few front people understood but the others at the back -- Well, they thought I was nuts. :S

2. While I was checking the list of people who passed up their KBBR, I accidentally read a couple of prefects` one who sat at the very back. They wrote Sekap Seksiah... instead of Setiap Sekolah.. WHATTHEPOTATO??! LOLS.

3. Something happened in the PSV room. The class were short of chairs so someone took one of my friend`s. Without hesitation, I came right up that person and defended her. "Take another chair la.. plastic chair, at the back there.." he replied. Unfortunately, there was some good in that. I didn`t even know what I talked back - It was a mix of "Be a man!" plus "You`re so not a gentleman" plus "I hate you". SO EMBARRASSING.. Even worse, the friend I defended could care less about that??

4. Last Thursday if I`m not mistaken, I tried the curry noodles at school. YUM, but HOT. And the gravy spilled on my tudung. What to do, what to do! @@ I even have some pen marks to compliment it =P

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