Sunway + Digimon + Gamess

This happened on Wednesday night, I think. We were on the way home from kampung in Teluk Intan and stopped by at Sunway Pyramid for some Maxis-simcard stuff.

Yeah, it was the Maxis HQ. "Cool" I`d say cause` they have TWO BUBBLE CHAIRS !! I`ve seen `em onlin3, but never before my own eyes! haha I took loads of pics with my sibs with my phone x]

At the moment I stepped it, I was amazed. My I-don`t-wanna-go-here-what-for? attitude immediately changed. The lighting, the round thingies, touch screen effects and of course BUBBLE CHAIRS ! Waah I`m so obsessed with it xD

It took like an hour for the simcard stuff to be settled! Actually, it`s the Maxis Youth Club or something like that. Dad signed up my grandma, bro and me for it cuhs he said that we spend less than rm10 monthly instead of rm30 which he paid for.. Now he`s asking my aunt to sign up for it??! No more post-paid for me :(

Okkay, Zira & I had fun sliding through the metal doors (they were about to close!) a couple of times. Then we headed to Bidara Restaurant (or so I remember) around that area. EVERYTHING WERE YUMMY !! ;D 0h, except their pizzas (yuck) & mee sup (too much soup, less mee).


I slept on the sofa last night. Woke up at 7.50am, dreamt of Digimon somehow.. lol. Slept back a few times to "continue" the dream until 11am.. LOL


I`m now a huge fan of the game Plants VS Zombies.. Courtesy of Popcap games.. And, if you`re like Anna or LHX who sit infront of me, you`ll know that I`m singing (or humming) THAT theme song :D

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