Thee BEST Shopping Day - EVER !

In the HISTORY of SHOPPING DAYS - mine, that is ! The last time I shopped was like .. idk in October??!
Blissful yesterday.. ahhh..
First of all, we shopped at Arkedman - Mum bought her 2 baju mengandungs with
some of my sibs` school clothes. While I, on the other hand, grabbed aye pinkish purple-ish shawl
(my first!) that was often sold online for a more expensive price.. BARGAINN!
Oh, and some headscarves..

Alright, next destination - THE STORE. I think it`s my first visit, haha.
Kinda like JUSCO. So.. we bought lingeries.. & stuff. At one time, Mum spotted these cute teen-ish
dresses (for pregnant Mums) .. she wants it! I kept telling her "Tak muat.. Tak muat !!!" haha.
Then at Sentini Mummy chose shoes (She`s been wearing mine all the time! Sheeeesh!) -
a pair of simple black sandals. ONE PROBLEM - It`s gorgeouss, I WANT IT!! :P And so... I `merasmikan` it... LOL.

So yeahh we shopped for some groceries, and later bought a whole Blueberry Cheesecake at Secret Recipe for Nenek`s birthday (Dad`s idea!). She doesn`t like chocolate :( But the so-called party was OK :D


On Monday, we visited Nenek`s bro, TokCho. Umm.. his house is like the central for all things Sabak! LOL. But since all my cousins are younger than me (on both sides), I was starting to get lonely. Ended up talking with my uncle about stuff .. and I mean, random stuff.. haha.
Okay, END of story. Byees

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