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Thursday, 25.02.2010

We learned about solat hajat during Agama period.
 Being the curious me, I asked several random questions without hesitation (and thinking!).
I didn`t get why they laughed at my questions.. or is it the WAY I asked?
Who Knows!

It`s weird though. I`m confident in AG class and could care less about
my clutzyness or whatever else but when I`m in 3A.. So.. nerve-wrecking!
 Not long before we ended class, BMI was all we had talked about. Our heights,
weights.. Who`s underweight etc. We even took overtime of AG period to estimate the
heights between Nadia, Fatihah, Iman & me.. Fatin`s the checker?? LOL. The thing is, they can`t accept the fact that I`m 158cm. `Cause Fatihah & Nadia are slightly taller
than me of a few cms  BUT I`m sure I`m right. I`m 158cm.
They`re the ones who measured wrongly. Overall it`s the
best AG period so far cause I`m involved in
the talking ! :D
And I don`t hate H****** anymore. Forgive and forget.
What`s passed is past. GREAT!

Unfortunately, Anna went home because of stomachache. So I sat alone during PSV :(
But it`s OK, cause Jing sat with me.
Anna, if you`re reading this, I hope you`re alright now. :D


Wednesday, 24.02.2010

The Hikayat Mat Jenin presentation was great. Alhamdulillah.
Everything went as planned! I could feel my cold hands, my legs trembling..
But I put aside all that.
I don`t want anything like&last year to happen again.
I plucked up my courage and went on with the introduction
as fast as I could. After my part finished, I sat down in relief.
Although my heart was still beating fast.
I also giggled a bit when someone
accidentally pronounced Haji Sapundi instead of Sapudin.
Hahahah no offense! You know who you are (:

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