Idk why yesterday I was so happy chitchatting with Anna (considering exam`s OVER) but today .. Uhh, so moody, GLOOMY.. Perhaps I`m too tired. Slept at 2am, then have to listen to the Maulidurrasul ceramah for about 3 hours. But it was FUN :D

It was an eye-opener. NO, I don`t need "eyemo". LOL
Honestly I don`t selawat & zikir much these 2 years after my
UPSR. Now I`m starting again.. & hoping to
continue it. Amin ya rabbal Alamin :D

I rehat early y`know, cause we ate pulut kuning & rendang at the surauu. Yum yum. I`m the one who got up first, the one who finished first (not counting Shasha, she beat me to it!) and yesireeeeeeee I`M A FOOD MANIAC! No sayur is a plus! (:

Besides, I got my results already. Alhamdulillah so far all As except MATHS. Sedih~
No mood to blog already la. MALAS!! :(

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