Hannah & The Chocolate Factory.

 Yesterday - Beryl`s. Combo of sesi pagi & petang (English society)
some extra 5A 5B 5C students. First of all, we got to watch a short clip of how chocolate is made. The pics make it look SO tempting. I was barely gonna shout 
''I WANT THAT.. NOW!" but only Angel could hear me, hehhhh :P

Then we walked to this "Hall of Chocolate history/fame whatever" while the tour guide babbles at the front. I didn`t really get what she said :x Saw the chocolate collection from the whole wide world and walked through the "tunnel" - "On the right hand side you can see chocolate coins ...on the left hand side you can see machines blablabla.." We can`t go in - Not Like Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. DRATS!

        My wiggly drawing on the bus - it was a bumpy ride! LOL

Then we`re out. IN ABOUT 30 MINS! (Sorry, don`t have watch) Then buy buy BUY from the shop. I bought some almond filled milk choc + choc coins. Yummayyy ! My chocs kinda melted y`know? The teachers even bought like a BASKET full of it ! Wow. They think they got so much money, eh!  Rotten teeth, who wants it anyway ... Trust me on this ;D

An hour later, (a useless activity-less hour at that) we boarded the bus and travelled back to school. END~

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