Why I`m smiling? Cuhs I like it.
I`ve been waiting for FOUR freaking days~
Now, I`m done with it :3

During the injection the manager or something
was standing at the door and looking at girls getting injected. WTH? 
It`s a guy btw, Nampak aurat la bodoh. So I tutup my bare arm
with my tudung. :3 The injection was fine to me, but I had a slightly hard time
afterwards..I purposely wear the sarung tangan sebab nanti kena pegang
kapas, lengan baju terselak, dahla tudung pun tak selabuh mana.
Ape lagi pergi la surau (ye la, tempat selamat kan) nak selak &; tengok. 
On the way, aku jalan senget semacam je, so that tudung aku ke yg depan ke tepi.
Tak berdarah pun.
Wahh wah wah happy nya :D
Kebas sikit je, WHO CARES.. hehe

Oh-oh, tomorrow I have a mini Science test. SO MUCH FOR
Better get studying now !

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