Paprika, meet.. PEPPERS.

Hey Peppers. Nice to meet you I`m Paprika x) 
Remember Peppers, that`s my nickname for y`all until I come up with a better one =P

OK, remember my post - shopping for Asyraf? *scroll below please* We finished shopping like 12am, and Dad was starving. All restaurants around that area closed already. So sad..
One or two days later, we dined at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa (I think Dad craved for it), near I0I palette, or somethin`.  Stuff about the restaurant;

#1 Prices are MAJOR HIGH like, RM6.90 for 1 NASI LEMAK + LAUK, I think. For 7 of us, the bill was almost RM70! :L

#2 Nasi Lemak tanpa lemak yang banyak. Macam bubuh minyak je. Ye ke? Tapi kan, bagus untuk kesihatan x) My parents cakap beli kat tepi jalan, dapat lagi sedap, banyak & murah.
Waah Waah, jatuh standard nampak restoran nie? Hmm.


I`ve packed my stuff and we`re gonna balik kampung (AKA shortcut) this evening. 
Then, tomorrow noon we`re heading for Lumut till Sundayy. Would take about 1 hour from my hometown. CAN`T WAIT?! Idk.. Actually I CAN WAIT. `Cause..

HOMEWORKS! That karangan about Pameran Barangan Buatan M`sia? HELP ME. And MATHS. Huh huh huh. I guess I`ll have to take `em along with me to Lumut. D;

Uh.. let me check my "schedule" first.


Alright, today my bros and I decided to puasa. AND Mum`s making
RENDANG AYAM, my favourite! Got wing also.. *drooling*


GOOD NEWS! My Internet`s back - for ALL computers xD 
As I haven`t use this laptop much, it got dusty.
And my nose`s twitching like crazy.

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