Retirement - YAY?!

Okay, I`m not that bad. She doesn`t even teach me. NEVER have, never will.

As in today, she left the school AND her teaching carrier. Throughout the ceremony, the students were clapping & so bersemangat at that! It got me thinking, are they happy that she`s finally GONE? Or, they`d really miss her afterwards? *Shrugs*

Well, Anna & me felt nothing. We were like "OK, you`re retiring.. BYE!" Hahah. =P
We also started a new trend - sitting at the slightly higher platform & other people followed :3
We`re major trendsetters oh yeahh. To see the persembahan cause I`m quite short >.<

Tarian Kipas - Wow, nice. Except their outfits, I mean - BRIGHT PINK with unmatching LIGHT BLUE fans?! Seriously.

Up next was singing, I think. I forgot what`s the song title D;

Poem reciting. Uh, it was okayy. NOT-FEELING-ANYTHING, again!

Last was saved for last (I wonder how many times I typed that in this blog of mine..) - A really OLD-ish guy teacher sang, berdangdut and all those stuff old people can`t. WOWIE! :D The students requested for encores.. AWESOMENESS.

Then bye-bye Pn Lucy - Enjoy your last bite in the school cafeteria. 

I had the mini-Science test today. Let`s not talk about that
until I got my results back D;


Last day with Pn Phang as PJK teach`. She`s taking over some of Pn Lucy`s
classes after the hols. Well at least she`s STILL teaching me GEO :3
 Btw, 12 people were absent today. SHOCKER, for A class!

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