Shopping for .. oh, someone.. *giggles*

I had a catfight with my lil sis around 7pm. As usual we lawan mulut.
Then suddenly it hit me, two punches from both her tiny, wobbly, skinny fists - it so happened when I 
wasn`t looking. Kena my left side of the face, just below the eye. Darn. :(
I cried man.. sheeeeesh. 
I wanted to punch her back but Dad stopped me. 
But if I did, her whole small face will be burning red! I dare not to, she`s asleep right now.
I`m still sensible, y`know? hehe


I had just return from Tesco with my parents & 2 of my sibs.
I "vowed" that if Zira stays, I`ll go and vice versa. Besides, I really enjoyed helping
Ummi to choose tops, bottoms, singlets & rompers for Asyraf, the youngest member in our family, 
still 7 months old in Ummi`s tummy :D We also grabbed mittens, 
water bottles (for me & my bro) & some other stuff.

I was really glad I had the time to check out the women`s clothes place
(I always do, it`s my nature =P). I found these really cool white slacks with a colourful ribbon
tied around the waist, but .. XL & kinda expensive. I`m much much smaller than that duh. 
On the bright side, I actually bought some really dark blue joggers for home use, koku, 
& sukan/pjk. Tried it on, I looked really slim! Not that, I`m a fatso =P No offense.

On the way out, I told Dad about this denim tunic that Mum had always wanted. 
I tried convincing him that if he bought it, he saves tons of money cause` he`ll be buying for
two people - which is Mum & me. Mum can use it as a tunic while I`ll make use of it as a
cardigan. Just.. not on the same time, of course. :)

And then we went home. END~

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